GRA Contenders

The moment I make the final decision on books for the year’s Global Read Aloud, the selection process starts over.  Every year, there are such incredible books that are so close to being selected but for whatever reason are not.  These are the contenders.

So follow along, and submit your own ideas as well for what I should be reading and considering.

If you are an author and would like your book considered, please read this.

Contender lists:


12 thoughts on “GRA Contenders

  1. Our class tremendously enjoyed GRA14 largely due to how connected Peter H. Reynolds was and it thrilled my students when he responded to their tweets.
    For GRA15 my students would benefit greatly from a connected author with fun and meaningful books. Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Mo Willems are two terrific contenders.

  2. We also loved the Peter Reynolds books and they related to having a growth mindset. We very much enjoyed sharing our projects and videos with children and teachers all over the world. It is already exciting to think about GRA2015. We too love Mo Willems. Please keep Mo in mind!

  3. My daughter and I listened to All the Bright Places on a trip a few weeks ago. We were enthralled and devastated and are still talking about it weeks later. Incredible storytelling, important subject matter, and since we listened to the audio we can vouch for its power as a read aloud. I’m just not sure I could do it justice or get through it. The audio, however, is awesome.

  4. I like both of the 2nd grade choices that you have. I didn’t feel like there was a clear choice for the younger group last year with a chapter book. I liked Edward Tulane, but a little too mature content for that age. Clementine or Shelter Pet Squad would be great! I hope you will stick with one of those!!!! :-), thanks for all of this work!

  5. Chris Grabenstein visited our school last year after I had our 4th and 4th grade classes read Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s library. The book is wonderful. It touches on so many subjects that matter to children. Inquiry, creativity, bullying, teamwork, confidence, libraries! Chris is funny, charismatic and engaging with kids and adults. I can heartily recommend both him and the book.

  6. Hi Pernille,

    Just a comment on the 2015 contenders: I love Rain, Reign, but I think this would be hard as a read aloud. I bought it intending to read aloud this year to my class, but I think I’d be doing a lot of spelling with all the homonyms and that would take away from the flow of the book. Has anyone else mentioned that or thought of a way to do it for read aloud? Also, if you’re still taking suggestions, I just finished Paper Things by Jennifer Richard Jacobson and think this would be a great GRA contender for 5th grade and up.


  7. Lots of good titles out there– Deb’s point is a good one– Rain Reign would be more difficult as a read aloud because of the homonyms. I love the idea of Fish in a Tree (so much that could speak to students with learning problems and help other students gain some empathy), and Absolutely Almost (for similar reasons). I also really loved Half a Chance by Cynthia Lord and All the Answers – a 2015 release by Kate Messner. Can’t wait to see what you pick! 🙂

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