How Can We Connect?

While one of the beautiful things about the Global Read Aloud is that there is no right way to connect, there are a few more official channels that will help you get started and connected.

This website is the hub of big announcements and hopefully where you can get a feel for the project.

On Edmodo, teachers can find their groups to connect with other teachers and share ideas, set up connections, and reach out for help. To see all groups for 2017, go here.

On Facebook for another way to connect.

On Twitter, follow the hashtag #GRA17 (note it changes every year with the year added).

On Pinterest to see press and projects that have been created.

On WriteABout to have a shared writing community.



32 thoughts on “How Can We Connect?

  1. How can I purchase the picture books by Amy Rosenthal in Spanish? We would like to connect with Spanish speaking students in the Dominican Republic.

  2. I am a librarian at a new school this year and in a different level. I did introduce this program to elementary teachers at my last school and this year I have suggested this program to an 8th grade teacher but it seems different this year. I don’t see a list of teachers from different countries reading the same book trying to connect. Is this something new? Do the students just post to edmodo, facebook or twitter and whoever goes on to read it sees it? I’m just trying to figure this out to help this new teacher get started but I’m a little confused myself. Please help as I would like to make this a good experience for him.
    Thank you.
    Janelle Odate
    MS/HS Librarian
    St. Mary’s International School
    Tokyo, Japan

    • Hi there, please no apologies. The project is the same as it always has been. Have you headed over to the Edmodo groups or tried the Google doc to find a connection? Those are not made on the blog.

  3. I would love to connect with another 5th grade class that is reading Fish in A Tree through kidblog. If anyone is interested, please let me know.

  4. Would anyone like to connect with a 4th grade class in Alabama reading Fish in a Tree. I am using kidblog but would also be able to do a google hangout. We’d love to connect. Thanks!

    • I would love to, I have a 4/5 class in Winnipeg and a 5’s only class who are reading it. We would love to Skype or Facetime…is that possible?

  5. I would love to connect with a class who is starting to read one of the following books. I have a class of 6&7th grade students who all have a language learning disability.

  6. I would love to connect with a class who is starting to read “Fish in a Tree” or “Fish.” I have a class of 6&7th grade students in Atlanta who all have a language learning disability. I’m open to connecting with a class of younger readers and/or an English speaking class anywhere in the world.

      • HI – I remember seeing a spreadsheet with all kinds of names and contact information I can’t find it anymore. I have contacted 7 people and received no replies. I still really want to Skype or Facetime with someone for Fish in A Tree and the Amy Krouse Rosenthal books. I have students we have already talked to about this and sent a note home to parents. Can you guide me to that spreadsheet? I have tried on facebook too.
        OR _ anyone reading this want to connect send me a reply, please thanks.

  7. Hi, I’m a 2nd grade teacher wanting to connect with another second grade teacher in the U.S. I’m in Paramus, N.J, on Eastern Standard Time with flexibility. We will be reading the the 5 books by Lauren Castello. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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  9. We will be reading LWTW and this is my first time. I really want to participate but am not sure how to go about connecting. I’m all signed up on Write About – do I make my own group or join someone else’s?

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