Shop the GRA

Would you like to support the Global Read Aloud and share your participation?  Look no further than our Spreadshirt shop.  With many great options for shirts, both sizes and colors are customiazblae, as well as some other fun products like totebags and travel mugs, get your Global Read Aloud merchandise .

Shirts can be purchased in multiple colors, men, women, or even kids sizes, and I brought back the totebag and the travel mug as well.



To show off your Global Read Aloud pride, visit the shop here!


17 thoughts on “Shop the GRA

    • Finally got in – the problem was that I was accessing it using Chrome. When I switched to explorer, all was fine! Thanks for your help! My new shirt is ordered!

  1. Can the womens tshirts be purchased in any other colors or with a collar? I must wear a collared shirt to meet dress codes. What about bookmarks or stickers for students? It would be a lot cheaper for me to purchase these for each student participating instead of a shirt.

    • Hi Lori, Please don’t feel obligated to buy a shirt at all! Unfortunately the design cannot be printed on the polo shirts and the site does not offer pencils or stickers. The shirt can eb changed to whichever color you would like though.

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