For Participants

Hello and welcome to the Global Read Aloud!  I hope this page will help you answer any questions you may have, if not though, please feel free to contact me.

The 2016 Global Read Aloud will kick off October 2nd, 2017.  Books have been chosen, to see them go here.

All Edmodo groups are open for teachers, to join yours read this post.

I communicate using a Google Group, if you have signed up but are not receiving information from me, please search for the Google Group in your browser.  It should come up if you are a member.

To read more about the GRA and what it is, go here

To sign up, go here

To suggest a book, go here

For authors, to submit your book as a contender, go here

To see books that are contenders, go here

To get merchandise to show your support, go here

To see past books, go here

To see the history of the project, go here

To see great ideas of what to do during the project, go here

For press information from previous years, go here

To see who is behind this, go here




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