Info For 2016

Sign Up:

To sign up for this year’s project, go here


We kick off October 3rd and end November 11th.  Don’t worry about getting behind, just don’t get ahead.  If you are on an all year school calendar, there are other people out there trying tom make that work.


To see all of the selected books for 2016, go here.

What/When to Read:

To see the chapter breakdown for the 4 books and which picture books to read – go here.


To join the Edmodo teacher group for your selected group, go here.

To join the Facebook group, go here.


The hashtag for this year is #GRA16 – individual hashtags for books will be:

Lauren Castillo author study – #GRALauren


Pax – #GRAPax

Orbiting Jupiter – #GRAOJ

All American Boys – #GRAAll

The Global Read Aloud Gives Back:

For this year’s charity and how to get involved, go here

Tech Tools Suggestions:

Meant to showcase a few tools facilitators may want to use with their classrooms.  Please go here.

What technology can we use to connect?

Anything that you have access to.  One of the strengths of the project is that you do not need to use a specific type of technology to be a part of it, in fact, you can even choose to not use technology and use regular mail to connect with someone.  All that matters is that you connect with someone.

To see great ideas of what to do during the project, go here

Handouts for school or home:

The GRA FAQ handout:  Meant for handing out to teachers and others that will participate in the project.  Please go here.

The GRA Home handout:  Meant to be sent home with students to explain what the Global Read Aloud is.  Please go here.


If you are new, read this.

To get more information, go here.

Contact Pernille:

To contact me send me an email at

17 thoughts on “Info For 2016

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  2. It looks like the page with chapter breakdowns has been hacked?? Please take a look. There is a book listed that is not appropriate and link is not valid.

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