Meet Pernille Ripp

Who is behind the Global Read Aloud:

In 2010, while listening to NPR, the idea of the Global Read Aloud began.    Now with more than 500,000 connections made between more than 60 countries, the GRA keeps growing.

To get more information about me, go to My Story

To see what else I have written, including my books go to Publications

And finally, to have me speak at your conference, professional development, or consult with your school go to Have Me Speak

To contact me, please email me  at



4 thoughts on “Meet Pernille Ripp

  1. I only just learned of this amazing project today. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to support this project. There is nothing I have found that has sparked a child’s interest in reading, than reading aloud to them. I also work with middle schoolers, and know it is difficult to get many of them interested in reading. Again, I would love to provide any support you need to continue this program, and look forward to participating in it next year.

  2. Hello! When will you be announcing the 2016 novel selections? We are trying to plan ahead with our book ordering 🙂 Thanks! Colleen from Arlington, VA

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