The History of the Global Read Aloud

The Global Read Aloud was born due to Neil Gaiman and lazy summer night’s ride in the car listening to NPR.  Being a massive Neil Gaiman fan, I immediately turned up the dial when his name was mentioned and was enthralled with the report of the One Book – One Twitter project happening that summer.  In a moment of admiration, I turned to my husband, Brandon, and asked him why someone had not done that with kids and his reply was; “Why don’t you?”

So I did.  A few days later a blog post was written inviting people to join some sort of a read aloud using some sort of tools to connect kids through a book.  I had no plan, I had few answers, but I had an idea and sometimes that is all it takes.  That year, in September 2010, the very first Global Read Aloud book The Little Prince was read aloud to about 150 kids through 60 different facilitators and it was amazing.  Since then the project has grown organically through the passion people that participate.

Participant count and year

2010 = 150 kids

2011 = 6,000 kids

2012 = 30,000 kids

2013 = 144,000 kids

2014 = 308,000 kids

2015 = 573,000 kids

2016 = 1,000,000 kids and I stopped counting

The Global Read continues to grow because of the incredible people that participate and the amazing books that authors create.  It continues to be a free project, where the only thing you need is the book and some way to connect with others.  Who knows where this project will go, but one thing is for sure; we are connecting the world through a book every single year.


3 thoughts on “The History of the Global Read Aloud

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