Suggest a Book

What makes a great Global Read Aloud book?

Many things but some of the ones that are important to this project are books that open up our experiences of the world, that are often written by own voice authors, and that are short enough to get through in 6 weeks.  I am always looking for international authors as well!

Criteria for book selection:

  • It is a chapter book suitable for grades 2nd and up, 4th grade and up, 6th grade and up, or 9th grade and up.
  • If it is a chapter book, it should have less than 250 pages or so.
  • If it is to be considered for the picture book author or illustrator book study then there have to be at least six different books produced and they all have to be in print.
  • The books have to be easily accessible to a global audience, this means that readers around the world can purchase the book somehow.
  • Preferably published recently, cannot be self-published as that does not allow for a large enough distribution worldwide typically.
  • Cannot have been used in the past.  To see past books, go here.
  • Provides us with opportunities to grow and connect as readers
  • Would spark meaningful conversations between varied student groups.
  • Is unlike the other books that have been selected in the past.

If you are a reader and want to submit an idea for a book, fill out this form