Suggest a Book

Criteria for book selection:

  • It is a chapter book suitable for grades 2nd and up, 4th grade and up, 6th grade and up, or 9th grade and up.
  • If it is a chapter book, it should have less than 250 pages or so.
  • If it is to be considered for the picture book author or illustrator book study then there have to be at least six different books produced and they all have to be in print.
  • The books have to be easily accessible to a global audience, this means that readers around the world can purchase the book somehow.
  • Provides us with opportunities to grow and connect as readers
  • Would spark meaningful conversations between varied student groups.
  • Is unlike the other books that have been selected in the past.

If you are a reader and want to submit an idea for a book, fill out this form