So great idea but how will this really work?

All details are far from ironed out but the ideas are becoming more solid in my head, so here is some additional information that may help as you think about your participation and whether you want to share the idea of this project.

This is what Week 1 will look like in my room:
• 1st chapter is read aloud by teacher, depending on the length of chapter this may be over 1 or 2 days.
• Once chapter has been shared, I will then lead a prediction discussion; What do the students think this story is about? They will be asked to do a wallwisher on their predictions to be placed on the GRAP blog.
• We will then discuss their thoughts on the action of the first chapter and the characters introduced. This will be videotaped and placed on the GRAP blog as well for others to comment on.
• Depending on volunteers I may try to do this as a Skype call with another classroom to start the true connecting/sharing.
• For other chapters I will try these ideas instead: Have students
o Blog their predictions on the set up comments section for Chapter 1 on GRAP blog (will be up by then as a separate page)
o Write their thoughts about the first chapter and what happened on site and encourage others to change/add their voice.
o Retell the story in 60 sec or less using and sharing with other classrooms.
o Discuss the story with another classroom using Skype

There are so many possibilities for sharing/connecting but I do not want people to feel overwhelmed or like it is too much work. The idea behind this project is to connect and share! That can be a 5 min Skype call, or a longer student written reflection. You can connect with one classroom or with many; it is really up to you.

My classroom will be the test bunny so I will videotape all read alouds as well as student reflections. I will be open to as much collaboration as people will want.