Join Me in Our Patreon Community and Support the Global Read Aloud! #GRA22

For the past 12 years, I have shared everything I could think of on this blog, on social media, and working with other educators. Every lesson shared, every question answered, every request sent to me has connected me to so many of you; I have been so grateful for your support of me, the Global Read Aloud, and the work I do.

For 12 years, I have worked tirelessly to help create change in education, to try to lighten the load as much as possible, and to continue this important work. And while that work will continue it is time for it to eveolve a little bit to give you an opportunity for more direct interaction so today I have also launched my Patreon page.

What will this community entail?
It will give us a way to collaborate in a new way, where you don’t have to wait for your district or school to hire me or be able to attend an event, but instead allow you to reach out, get support, and work together in accessible ways. It also will allow me to continue the work of the Global Read Aloud in a sustainable way. In fact, one of the tiers is meant as a way to just support the GRA!

Being a member will offer you access to virtual sessions, curated monthly booklists, specific breakdown of lessons and units, access to some of my presentations, as well as personal brainstorming sessions with me if you so choose. There will also be exclusive content, early access to new resources, monthly Q&As, as well as other opportunities for connections. You can even snag me for an hour-long brainstorming session for you or a small group of people!

With this access, you will get a chance to really tailor our opportunity to work together. You can have specific support from month to month, help co-create units and get the support to create change in your unique situation.

I am excited to have an opportunity to interact more organically and also be available to you for any specific questions and needs you may have.

If you find value in my work, the Global Read Aloud, or have benefitted from it in, then I welcome you to be a part of the community on Patreon where the learning, discussion, and collaboration will continue. If you can’t, don’t worry, this page will still exist with occasional updates and 12 years of materials.evolve

6 Tiers of Support to Choose From
There are 6 different levels for you to choose from, they all offer unique experiences and ways to support this work. All monthly work will kick off March 1st but there are already resources there to explore and help you.

To become a patron, go here.

I have already published the first post and access to my curriculum map, with more content to come. I am excited for what this community will allow us to do and how we can grow together, so welcome!
Thank you for your continued support.

Reading Globally, the Global Read Aloud Project!

In May, I wrote a post on my blog about the joy and excitement that was created when I read aloud to my students.    My students were held captive for 5-10 minutes a day by a Lemony Snickett book, and they loved it! I realized then, how important reading aloud was to creating readers.
So when I came across the Global Read Aloud project, it was a no-brainer!  A global project  where everyone reads one book, and discusses it with other students, all over the world. Amazing concept! And if there had been any hesitation on my part, the methods of discussion would have hooked me, Skype, Edmodo, Twiducate , and any other web 2.0 tech tools,  I was salivating!
 I have to admit, I had never read “Tuck Everlasting”, (gasp!), so being the responsible teacher that I am, I bought the book and I read it in two days. Kudos to those teachers who chose a book that will offer my students so many chances to THINK! And, thanks to DonorsChoose, each of my darlings will have their very own copy, and believe me, that is exciting!
The best part of GRA is that my students are going to realize that a lot of people, all over the world, enjoy reading.  I believe reading this book will destroy the misconception that reading is boring.  Reading will become cool again.:) Visions of my students actively involved in discussions with students all over the world makes me delirious with joy. Giving them a chance to have their opinions heard, as they respond to the opinions of others, makes me, happy. 🙂
I have already connected with a teacher. She and I skped a few days ago and excitedly, (I know I am overusing that word) shared ideas. Another plus to GRA.  I am growing my PLN, and who knows who else I will meet on this journey? Pernille has set up an Edmodo group for the teachers and one for the students.  I can’t wait to check out what our kids talk about among themselves!
Anyway, this newbie is excited thrilled! My class will read aloud, globally, and realize there is a world outside of New Castle, DE that they can explore!
Lisa Mims
5th grade teacher
New Castle, Delaware