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This was posted on the Paths to Literacy website today – I am thrilled!

Global Read Aloud 2013 UPDATE: Titles Selected

Pernille Ripp, national project director of Global Read Aloud (GRA) 2013 has announced through their website,http://www.globalreadaloud.com,  the titles selected for this year’s project. As we announced here in April,  Paths to Literacy is participating in GRA by encouraging teachers and students within our community to engage with other schools and classrooms in this common reading experience.
Through an online voting on finalists in 3 age groups, participants selected these titles for the fall event.
There is no clear reason why Marty Maguire, outdoor girl and collector of frogs, would be cast as the princess in the school play instead of one of the girly-girls who would have wanted it more.  She’ll go along, if only to find a way to “improve” the production.  A chapter book full of classroom adventure, playground hijinks, and restless amphibians.
Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper (Upper elementary/Middle/Junior High)
Draper has won multiple Coretta Scott King Awards from the American Library Association for “books for children and young adults that demonstrate an appreciation of African American culture and universal human values. “ In Out of My Mind, Melody, age 11, is entering adolescence; however, no one around her can recognize her depths of expression she is unable to communicate. Read more about Draper’s ownexperiences raising a child with a disability on her website.
Stupid Fast by Geoff Herbach (Senior High)
Following a growth spurt, Fifteen-year-old Felton Reinstein  can’t be stopped on the football field.  What in the world makes him suddenly so “supid fast”?  Rated 5 stars on YA Central and Bookshare,  Stupid Fast explores complex ideas about social status, fitting in, and the emotions of family life.
You’ll find each title above linked to its file location on Bookshare.org, which joined forces with GRA and Paths to Literacy this year to assist in making sure selected titles are available in alternate formats.
To learn more about getting involved with The Global Read Aloud, visit their website here and tell your friends and colleagues!  We will check back in with you in the Fall, to hear how your students are engaging with fellow readers around the world, and the creative activities you discovered for shared reading.  Share your stories and photos here, or through our Facebook page www.facebook.com/ptliteracy.