Chatting with Meg Medina Event Link and Stream #GRA15 #GRAYaqui

I am thrilled to be able to ask Meg Medina some of the questions that readers in the Global Read Aloud have posted.  The live event starts at 11 AM CST and will be view-able right here, or by clicking this link.

Remember, you can tweet questions to me during the event as well, just tag me in the tweet @pernilleripp


Global Read Aloud: One Book to Connect the World – A Video #GRA15

The International Literacy Association (formerly IRA) has been a huge supporter of the Global Read Aloud for a few years.  They put this video together for us as I prepare for the 6th project to start October 5th. I thought it might be nice to share it here.

Also, join me on Wednesday, September 10th at 8 PM EST for #ILAchat as we discuss all things reading aloud and the Global Read Aloud.

PS:  If you are wondering how to get your own reading warrior shirt, go here.