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  1. Just finished reading Billy Miller last week and was planning to read it to my students. Was so excited to learn I can join others around the world to do it. What a great opportunity for my students!

  2. Looking forward to this years global read aloud! I participated in it last year with a co-taught class. This year I will be reading “Fish in a Tree” with a resource group! I think they are going to love it!

  3. Excited to open classrooms to the world. Those of you who have participated before, what have you found to be the “best” form of communication?

  4. I have 5 different sections of students (grades 3-6) that I would like to involve in this opportunity. I am also new to this program. please advise.

  5. So excited to do this! We just set up KidBlog this afternoon. “Fish in a Tree” sounds like it will really resonant with my students! 🙂

  6. Just finished Fish in a Tree and am so excited to get into it with my 4th graders! Did Global Read Aloud with The One and Only Ivan and had a spectacular experience.

  7. Totally new to this…can someone help me figure out how to connect and see a schedule of reading the book? Doing the Life of Billy Milled with 3rd grade.

  8. Hi! Is sign up still available? I just came across this and LOVE it! I am currently reading “Wonder” with my 3rd graders, but I think reading a great book AND connecting to others around the world is a FANTASTIC idea and will really get the kids excited about reading and sharing! Please let me know if I am able to still sign up to see the reading schedule and how I can connect/respond via Twitter! Thank you! 🙂

    • The problem with signing up now is that it is halfway through, so if you feel you can catch up three weeks in then you certainly can , just leave a reply on here or shoot me an email.

      • Is there anyway to sign up for the next book so I don’t have to catch up with the current one being read? From what I am understanding, a new book is selected every 6 weeks or so that the classes read and then discuss. Please let me know if I am mistaken and if not, if I can sign up for the next book. Thanks!

  9. Oh, I understand. I love the program! I’ll have to sign up next year for it and I might just choose some of the books to read aloud throughout this year just to read them. It would be amazing if it was a continual program throughout the year! Thank you for all of your quick replies! I appreciate it.

  10. I just heard about it today and would have loved to be a part. I guess I will have to wait until next year.

    • Hi! What grade do you teach? Maybe we can plan on reading a book at the same time and connect our classes if we both teach the same grade.

  11. I’m bummed that I did not know about this until too late. I will be signing up next year for sure!

  12. There’s no way to sign up? We are in the process of reading the Amy Krouse Rosenthal Books and are also Skyping with some schools next week.

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