So What is This?

I have been thinking about the read aloud.  Every day I read a part of a book aloud to my students, usually a book that they would not pick themselves to read and then we discuss what is happening.  Sometimes the book is tied in with curriculum, often times not.  My favorite author happens to be Neil Gaiman, both for children and adult books and so when I saw that his book, American Gods, had been chosen as the first One Book, One Twitter book club (#1b1t) I was excited.  What a great concept; read a chapter a week and then discuss it via Twitter.  That made me think; why not do that with a read aloud book and connect classrooms across the world?

So here is what I propose:  Choose a book, pick a start date,  and read a chapter aloud a week. 
You choose how your students share either via a blog, a wiki, VoiceThread, Skype or other ideas.  The hashtag for this on Twitter will be #GRAP so join in the conversation.

We strive to make connections on a global scale and so the intimacy of a book can do just that for us. 

If you would like to be added to this project, either follow the project here or fill out the  
Google Form for the Global Read Aloud 


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