Where are You on the Map?

Today I received an email from Laura and she writes:

I tried posting this to the blog, but was having difficulty this morning with the word verification part not completely showing on my screen.  Weird.  Anyway- about the global read aloud- 
Do you think we could create a Google Map with everyone’s school location and zoom in to street view to see their school? Here is an example on castles I found just so you can see what i mean if you’re not sure. Click on a castle…the while speech bubble looking thing has an option More and then click on Street View. Not every castle has street view so find one that does and you’ll see what I mean.

Laura Fleming

So that is what I did; here is our very own Google Map, it is up to you if you would like to add your school but I do think it will be a great map to show the students of just how connected we all are and where we all are!

To add your school, click on the link and then do a search for your school.  When your school comes up you should click on the highlighted name and then there should be a “Save to…” button.  Select the Global Read Aloud Map.

Let me know if this works or not.

(I also plan on doing a pushpin map in my classroom)


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