Thoughts from A Student

Today, my students blogged for the first time about their thoughts on the Global Read Aloud as we get ready to start next week.  One student pinpointed the spirit of the project very well:

I think it is weird how people all over the world can read the same book. It is even weirder when you are reading a good book and then the thought pops into your head that there is a good chance someone across the world is reading the same exact book, maybe even the same exact page.

And this is exactly what I hope happens in the next 4 weeks.  That our students realize that th world is actually pretty small when you know others are reading and sharing the same experience as you.

Thank you for joining us, I am thrilled to do this project!


One thought on “Thoughts from A Student

  1. Elizabeth Peterson says:

    This is really a great idea. I am excited to start. Got the book today. (The only version I had was in French – which I plan to share with my students!)

    I am interested in Skyping with you… as long as I can get my school to approve. (Started the process last year…)

    What is the address to your Kidblog? I would like to invite my students to read what your kids are writing and comment, if that's ok!


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