We Survived, We Connected, and We Loved it – First week

These are the thoughts of Mrs. Ripp’s fantastic combination classroom of 4th and 5th graders. As we finish the first 7 chapters here is what we thought:
Hannah – I think the Baobab trees are cool because not all trees if you get too many of them will take over the planet.
Alexis – I think it was sort of random how the Little Prince said “Draw me a sheep” to the pilot when they were stranded in the middle of the desert.
Karina – I think the GRA is a really cool thing because most classes don’t get to do the tech stuff we get to do and the blogs.
Reese -I think the book is really good and we should have known it was really good.
Caitlynn – I am still wondering why the little prince wants a sheep?  Shouldn’t he ask instead what is your name?
Jason – I think it is really cool because you can know what kids around the world think about the same book.
Lewis – I feel it is really interesting because we get to connect with a lot of people from the world, and if you moved you may know someone.
Devinn – I wonder why he is on the planet? (Me too, says Mrs. Ripp)
Aidan – I think it is really cool because the book is really good and also we get to connect with other people from different places.
Leticia – I think it is cool because you get to blog with other people and get to know them better.
Tess – I think that it will become a really interesting story and the Little Prince will go back to his planet or something like that.
Jordan – I think it is going to have a really good ending and it is going to be a very good book.
Brayden – I think this is going to turn out really cool!
Leo – It’s awesome because we are 1/4 done with the book.
Olivia – I think the global read aloud is really fun because it is really fantastic to speak to other people around the world.
Nolan – I wonder how he gets to his planet?
Nathan – I think it is wicked that we are connecting with people around the world.
Andrew – I think it is spectacular that we can blog with other people.

We hope that in the next week the book will get even better and also that we can skype with someone!  We also hope we could do more tech stuff like Wordle, VoiceThread, Blogging, adding pictures to our blogs.

Wordle: 1st week of global read aloud


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