Making Meaningful Music for Mae

The students in Gill-Ville have been enjoying visualizing and imagining many of the details found in Tuck Everlasting.  We are captivated by music, as are the characters in the story, by Mae Tuck’s music box. We spent some time thinking about the kind of music and types of instruments that sound like tunes from a music box.  The students collaborated and brainstormed a list of words that helped them imagine the sound that the music would make.  Here is a screen shot of our ideas.

Once we had a general idea of what the music box might sound like students used Garageband to create their own version of the tune the music box might play.  We used built in musical loops that used appropriate instruments and tones.  The students also used the built in piano keyboard to add their own melody as well.  We kept the songs short because music boxes usually play a short song that gets repeated. Here is an example for you to listen to.  Enjoy!


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