See You in 2013!

To say that this year’s Global Read Aloud was a success is an understatement.  With almost 30,000 students, more than 800 different facilitators and 6 continents represented, this project has truly taken on a life of its own.  So thank you if you participated or helped in any way.  Next year the project will be even better (hopefully) and will be either 5 or 6 weeks long per feedback from this year.

Who knows which books will be shared but I am already open to your suggestions.  Sign up now to participate next year and stay in the loop of all things Global Read Aloud.

And you are not quite sure what the Global Read Aloud is, please read this.

And if you have signed up and don’t know what to do now, just wait, information will be coming in the summer of 2013.


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