Thank You for 2013! #GRA13

We did it!  We managed to share some incredible books with more than 140,000 students (144,182 as of last count) and almost 4,000 facilitators.  Through technology we spread the story of Marty, Melody, and Felton.  We were reminded to care about others, to fight for change, and to never judge.  Thank you for putting your faith in me and this project.  Thank you for reaching out to the authors who gave so much of their time to make this a success.  Thank you for trusting your students to do the right thing.

While I am saddened to have finished the incredible books, I hope this is not the end for all of the connecting.  Please stay in touch, reach out to one another, and continue to bring the world in.  The Edmodo groups will stay open until the summer.  The hashtag can always be used and my email stays the same.

Please take a moment to give me feedback.

Take a moment to sign up for next year – it will start Monday October 6th.

And take a moment to suggest a book, your students may even suggest one.

I could not do this project without you, so thank you for believing in me.

All my best,


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