It’s Time To Vote – First Round of Picks for #GRA14

While it is only March my thoughts keep going to October 6th when we will embark on the 5th Global Read Aloud.  So while this list is not complete, perhaps this will help everyone planning for next year’s participation.  Please pick your favorite in the categories, and if your favorite isn’t on there please add it under other.  I hope you like the list!


11 thoughts on “It’s Time To Vote – First Round of Picks for #GRA14

  1. The Phoenix says:

    When people nominated books, did they include a synopsis that we could share. Seems to me I saw something like that. It's hard to vote when none of the titles are familiar.

  2. Easepod says:

    Wouldn't it be a good idea to factor into the the selection process the degree to which an author's books appear in foreign languages. Are you expecting all children outside English-speaking countries to read in English? Some authors are published in many languages. For instance, Blue Balliett's books appear in 34 languages.

  3. Mrs Ripp aka @pernilleripp says:

    The reason there is no spring and fall GRA is twofold; 1. It is a ton of work for me behind the scenes and is for months leading up to it. 2. It loses some of the excitement if it is done more than once.

    I do keep in mind the availability of books in other languages. many students outside of English speaking countries use the GRA as a vehicle to practice their English. I look more closely at this when the choices have been narrowed down a bit.

    I am not sure if there is a good way to print this, sorry.

  4. Summer Len Diamond says:

    Thanks Pernille for all of your hard work putting GRA together. It leads to more positive changes than you realize. We are looking forward to another fantastic year and couldn't thank you enough.

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