And the Official Books for 2012 Are….


We hope you will join us as we start the Global Read Aloud on October 1st, 2012 this year.  Pick the book that works best for your students and get ready to connect with people all over the world.  Welcome…


Global Read Aloud 2011 Dates Set!

It’s a new year and even though we still have half of  a school year let, my mind is starting to wander back to the global read aloud.  So welcome, if this is your first time here, and welcome back if you were part of the first Global Read Aloud.

What started as a simple idea took on a life of its own; one book to connect the world.  More than 30 schools around the globe participated through Twitter, Skype, blogs, wikis and email.  This year, I promise it will only be better.  Through the power of one shared read aloud, I hope to facilitate connections between students throughout the world.  You decide how much time the project will take for  you, the choices are many:  comment on other blogs, create slideshows, skype with other classrooms, tweet out comments; the sky is the limit.

So join me as I embark on another Global Read Aloud September 19th through October 14th.  The book has yet to be determined by all of us, but I promise more collaboration, more ways to introduce technology, and more students being connected throughout the world.

This year we will have weekly project suggestions, as well as suggested lesson-plans for introducing technology.  We will also utilize Edmodo more to give students a voice even in their free time.

Join us here, make sure you follow the hashtag #glread11 on Twitter, and contact me with any questions.