Choices for Global Read Aloud 2015 #GRA15

While i may be the creator of the Global Read Aloud, this project would be nothing without the amazing authors that give us such incredible books to share.  So in case you need a handy reference guide for which books we are reading this year, here you.

Author Study:

This year’s author study is the incredible Amy Krouse Rosenthal.  Her picture books have long enthralled all of my students and aIso I am so happy to have her and her genius be the focus this year.  Remember, this is not just open to younger grades, anyone can do the author study!  All images will link to the actual book on Amazon.

Week 1:

We start with Chopsticks“>Chopsticks

Week 2:

Week 2 is all about Duck! Rabbit!“>Duck!  Rabbit!

Week 3:

How many times do I hearIt’s Not Fair!“> It’s Not Fair in my house!

Week 4:

Week 4 will focus on the trials of being an Exclamation Mark“>Exclamation Mark!

Week 5:

I love that we end week 5 with The OK Book“>The Ok Book

Week 6:

Your choice!  Pick whichever Amy Krouse Rosenthal book you want to finish the project!

Ages 7 and up  (or whichever age group you decide):

When I first read The Year of Billy Miller“>The Year of Billy Miller a few years ago, I wanted to shout hallelujah.  We have such few books aimed at younger readers that have rich stories, yet are easy for young children to follow.  This book promises to create great conversations around choices, family, and how much can change in a year.  Click on the image to read reviews and purchase your copy.

Ages 9 and up  (or whichever age group you decide):

I swear Lynda Mullaly Hunt wrote Fish in a Tree“>Fish In A Tree with making connections in mind.  This book was a crowd favorite from the moment it was published.  I cannot wait to see who a global audience reacts to FIAT as we lovingly call it.  Click the image to read reviews and purchase your copy.

Ages 12 and up (or whichever age group you decide)

L.S. Matthews, or Laura Dron, wrote an incredible book with Fish“>Fish.  I, in particular, cannot wait to make cross curriculum connections with students through this book.  This will open our classroom up to conversations about humanity, kindness, and the choices we have to make and how they define us.  Click on the image to read reviews and purchase your copy.

Ages 14 and up (or whichever age group you decide):

Yes, Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass“>this book may have a swear word in its title, but please do not let that stop you from using it with students.  This incredible story of what bullying can do to a person is one that is meant to be shared and discussed.  I am so thankful that Meg Medina wrote this book.

There you have it, happy reading, happy connecting.  We kick off October 5th!


The Global Read Aloud 2015 Choices Are…#GRA15

It was tough.  I am not going to lie.  Every year it seems like the book choices get better and better.  Every year I change my mind a million times.  Every year I am surprised by some of the votes in some of the categories.  And every year i reserve the right to not go with the popular vote but go with my gut instead.  So this year is no different; some books won their categories fair and square, while others have yet to be discovered by a broader audience.  I hope you will trust me that these choices will make for incredible conversations.  I hope that you will trust me that it will be worthwhile for you to read aloud these books to your students or children starting October 5th.  One thing though that I know for sure about all of our contenders and all of our finalists; they are incredible books that deserve to be read aloud.  There are not just 4 winners here, but many.

We decided to do a video this year, rather than a write up.  While this is the 5th version it is nowhere near perfect, but the others had all of my kids in them and you couldn’t hear half of it.  So take a moment, watch the video, and then let me know your thoughts.  Are you as excited about this year’s choices as I am?

The Votes are In…

The poll has closed with more than 60 votes given. The top 3 is an eclectic mix but exciting; Coraline, The Little Prince, and Sideways Stories.

Now the discussions starts; which book should be the first book shared as a read aloud? Keep in mind that this book needs to be accessible outside of the US, so translated into as many languages as possible, it also needs to appeal to a large audience, not just my 4th grade as an example.

I am leaning away from “Wayside Stories” even though I love the book, it simply is not translated into many other languages. This is your chance to add your opinion, if you do not add your voice then the ultimate decision falls on the ones who do. Please join the discussion and spread the word.