The Votes are In…

The poll has closed with more than 60 votes given. The top 3 is an eclectic mix but exciting; Coraline, The Little Prince, and Sideways Stories.

Now the discussions starts; which book should be the first book shared as a read aloud? Keep in mind that this book needs to be accessible outside of the US, so translated into as many languages as possible, it also needs to appeal to a large audience, not just my 4th grade as an example.

I am leaning away from “Wayside Stories” even though I love the book, it simply is not translated into many other languages. This is your chance to add your opinion, if you do not add your voice then the ultimate decision falls on the ones who do. Please join the discussion and spread the word.


4 thoughts on “The Votes are In…

  1. Lisa Dabbs says:

    How about Coraline? Has film option as well. Kind of lends itself to a “Halloween” or Fall Theme for those here in the states to share with those world wide. Would offer many interesting interpretations!

  2. Rachel Evans says:

    I voted for The Little Prince specifically because it is outside of the general American comfort zone, yet is recognized to have much to offer all of us. Plenty of resources. Plenty of languages.

  3. Mrs Ripp aka 4thGrdTeach says:

    I agree with all of the points made so far. I lean toward “The Little Prince' because it is translated into a lot of languages and is accessible to a lot of grade levels. It also has a great message. Coraline though has the movie tie in (even if it is a very different version) and is contemporary.

  4. MBR says:

    I am leaning towards The Little Prince because there is so many translations and there is so much that is worthy for discussion. I agree with you about Wayside School- it's pretty American-centric, while the other two are more universal.

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