It Started With an Idea

This project started with an idea, as most things do in life, and yet this idea in particular resonated deep within me.  It brought together two passions; the love of books and a love of global citizenry, the notion of creating global citizens in my classroom.  And yet for this cautious teacher from idea to reality was quite a leap of faith.  When you publish an idea to the world chances are no one will listen.  And what may be so important to me may be nothing to others.  And yet this idea found people who became just as passionate about it as I am .

So the Global Read Aloud was created and it survived it first year with more than 40 classrooms actively connecting.  And they loved it and more importantly, the students loved it.  So this year, it is a little bit bigger, a little bit changed; two books rather than one, and yet the heart of the idea remains: One shared read aloud – one global connection.

So join me and more than 200 other classrooms this fall as we embark on another global read aloud.  You choose how much time you dedicate, you choose how you would like to connect.  Share the world of books with your students as they realize that all around the world children are discovering the same book.  Share the love of listening to incredible books being read aloud and for the love of questions.  We have made it easy for you to participate, all you have to do is take a small leap of faith with us.  Welcome.


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