Thank You

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for being part of the
second Global read Aloud project. What started as one harebrained
idea one late night in 2010 culminated this year in more than 2,000
students around the world all reading the same two books. To say that
I am humbled by the eagerness and passion people dedicate to this is
an understatement.

So as we wrap up for this year, I need to hear from you. Your
feedback is what drives me to start thinking about next year’s project
and how it can be better than this year. To make your life easy, I
made a Google survey for all of you to take. Please do take it and
don’t hold back, this is a continual work in progress.

To all of my wonderful collaborators, thank you so much for dedicating
your time to work behind the scenes with me. It made my life and that
of my family’s much easier.

The Edmodo student groups will be disbanded this weekend so if you
have any work you need to get out of there, please do so. The teacher
groups will remain.

Thank you also to all of those who continue to vote for my classroom
in the Great American teach Off. $10,000 to my school would possibly
mean new gym floor or carpeting in our classrooms so every vote

Please continue to reach out to me with any questions, concerns or
comments. I am very accessible through email or Twitter @pernilleripp

A final note from the Flat Stanley group:
Many people in the Flat Stanley group indicated an interest in
continuing with our Edmodo discussions and other connections by
reading Stanley In Space. For those that are interested, we’ll start
reading the book during the week of October 31st. More details on the
week-by-week breakdown of activities are here. Please email Aviva
( if you have any questions about this.


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