The Global Read Aloud as Told by a Student

    Hiya again.   We finished the Global Read aloud yesterday.   The Global Read Aloud is where teachers read one book a out loud to their class, then they and their kids do fun stuff, like maybe blogging, or skype, or use edmodo, it’s really fun to connect with other kids around the world.  I think teachers should do it because it would be a good  way to show you can show your kids you can make a difference and share your opinion with the world.  It’s also a good idea  because you can introduce them to a different genre of books.  For example, I pretty much only read fantasy books, but Tuck Everlasting made me think I should try a different genre of books for once.      If you read my post called Tuck Everlasting and the Toad, you’ll find the full dish of stuff about the book.  But for now I think I’ll just say I was totally and utterly shocked at the end.  Sorry, can’t give out the end. 
     Why I thought being part of this was really fun was the fact we got to do fun things like how I said before we get to skype and blog. More things we do without technology are we jounal about what shocked me or why it might or might not be good if nothing ever died.  When Mrs.Ripp asked us to predict what the book was about by only looking at the cover, it  was really fun and I really was surprised when she showed us online a book with different cover and how they’re predictions varied by a lot.  It was so cool.  Something I would’ve changed next time is, well, erm, I really don’t think I want to change anything.  Next year I think the book should be  Belly Up by Stuart Gibbs.  I think it should be Belly Up because it’s a mystery with lots of cliffhangers and problems, its also a pretty good length.  I had a really fun expirience from the Global Read Aloud and I think other teachers should have their kids do it to.
My Question is: If you could live anywhere in the world, where and why?

2 thoughts on “The Global Read Aloud as Told by a Student

  1. Gail Tanner says:

    Hi, Sophia!

    I'm a teacher, and I agree with you – other teachers SHOULD be doing this. So, I'm going to give it a try. I look forward to following you and Mrs. Ripp and learning how you do it. 🙂 i'm also going to check out Belly Up.

    If I could live anywhere in the world, where would I live? Wow, that's a tough question. I love to travel, and I think going to other places and meeting other people really helps you develop as a person. If I had to choose one place, that would be tough, so I'm going to cheat a little bit here. The best place in the world for me to be is wherever I am at the moment. Right now that's Columbus, Ohio. Weird, because I'm originally from Miami, but WOW, have a I learned a lot!

  2. Mrs. Goins says:


    I love this idea! I am a teacher as well, so I am going to try this in my own classroom.
    If I could live anywhere in the world it would be in England. I traveled there a lot when I was younger with my dad and loved it.

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