One Month to Go #GRA13

Just a few things as we get closer and closer to our start date of September 30th.
Please connect with someone, whether one class or a few, it is up to you.  Reach out to people either through the connections wanted portion of our wiki (you must be a member to edit and add your information) or all of our Edmodo groups.  Tehn you can branch off to your own groups from there.
Wiki connections wanted:

Our Edmodo Groups for Teachers (not for students but to connect with other teachers).  There are special grade level groups set up, to find them join the main book group and ask for your grade level.  Links will be provided.

    • Marty McGuire’s teacher group
    • OOMM group for 5th is
    • Stupid Fast’s teacher group link is
    • Kindergarten teacher group
    • Spanish GRA teacher group

      Share resources!  If you found agreat video to use with the book, have vocabulary, study guides, whatever you find – share it!  It can be added to any of the Edmodo groups in folders on the side or to the wiki under first week ideas
      With more than 2,000 facilitators and 75,000 students signed up – this is huge.  Which means that besides getting ready to start school on Tuesday, doing all the behind the scenes stuff, being pregnant and being with my 3 kids, I am not able to find as many resources as I normally would. 
      Please get out of this project what you would like, we are all here to support each other so reach out, ask questions, use the hashtag on twiitter #GRA13, email me or whatever – but connect and get ready! 
      Finally, we have merchandise, so if you want to sport your support of this project I would really appreciate it.  
      One book to connect the world merch is here
      GRA 2013 merch is here

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