Weekly Breakdown of Books #GRA13

One of the things that makes the GRA special is that everybody is reading the text aloud at the same pace.  It is therefore vital that if you choose to create a different schedule that you do not post any spoilers in the public areas of the project since so many kids get disappointed with them.

However, I know some people are starting later than September 30th or has decided upon different breakdowns within their own groups, which is great.  make the project work for you as best as you can.  I plan on having read the portions aloud by each Friday.  I also plan on having students do some prediction activities next week leading up to the kick off Monday, September 30th.

Here are the weekly breakdowns of what to read when

Eric Carle groups:
Week 1: The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Week 2: Have You Seen My Cat
Week 3: The Mixed Up Chameleon
Week 4: Do You Want to Be My Friend?
Week 5: Hello Red Fox
Week 6: Your choice!

Marty McGuire

Week 1: Chapters 1-2 (pg. 1-19)
Week 2: Chapters 3-5 (pg. 20-38)
Week 3: Chapters 6-7 (pg. 39-57)
Week 4: Chapters 8-9 (pg. 58-79)
Week 5: Chapters 10-11 (pg. 80-95)
Week 6: Chapters 12-14 (pg. 96-131)

Out of My Mind
Week 1: Chapters 1-6 (pgs. 1-50)Week 2: Chapters 7-11 (pgs. 51-101)Week 3: Chapters 12-17 (pgs. 102-155)Week 4: Chapters 18-23 (pgs. 156-205)Week 5: Chapters 24-27 (pgs. 206-247)Week 6: Chapters 28 – end (pgs. 248-295)

Stupid Fast
Week 1: 1-56Week 2: 57-105Week 3: 106-161Week 4: 162-209Week 5: 210-260Week 6: 261-311


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