Welcome Sharon M. Draper! #GRA13 #GRA13OOMM

The Global Read Aloud reached an incredible level of engagement last year when Newbery winning author Katherine Applegate got involved as we read “The One and Only Ivan.”  Never in my wildest dreams did I think that could be topped.  But this year has proven to be a contender.

Geoff Herbach, author of Stupid Fast, has been busy Skyping and Tweeting with kids reading his book, giving us incredible amounts of his time.

Kate Messner, author of Marty McGuire, had been Tweeting, Skyping, and even creating weekly Q&A videos for everyone.  The positive response and discussion has been wonderful to witness.

And while Sharon M Draper, author of “Out of My Mind” has been following along on Twitter, she has been so busy.  But that is about to change!

On Thursday, November 7th at 11 AM CST, Mrs. Draper has graciously agreed to give up at least an hour of her time answering as many of our questions as she can.  With the help of moderators and myself, we will be doing a Google Hangout live with her as an incredible culminating event for the Book Out of My Mind!”  While the details have not been completely ironed out, we know there will be an archive for everyone to access, we know there will be the live event, you can start to submit your questions now.  You can ask more than one and she will try to answer as many of the best as she can.

You can submit questions right here on this form to keep things easy and stay tuned to this space for more details plus a link as soon as I get it.  For now, get ready to brainstorm questions, and get ready for an incredible culminating event!

Spread the word please and thank the authors.  The fact that they take time out of their incredibly busy lives to speak to us is truly humbling.  


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