An Exciting Tool to Use to Connect with #GRA14

Every year as the Global Read Aloud grows, new exciting ways to connect present themselves.  And while I always encourage people to connect in whichever way that works for them, sometimes a new way emerges that deserves a highlight.  This is one of those times.  

I first heard of Tackk, last year as a few people shared what they had created during the GRA.  And I was impressed, after all, a lot of time had definitely been put into it and it must have been hard to do.  So I didn’t investigate any further, I simply moved on, thinking this tool would not work for my students and the precious time we have.  I should have dug a little deeper.  
Tackk is an easy, free way to create simple pages on the web. Teachers use Tackk everyday for lessons, projects and creativity in the classroom. Tackk’s content widgets (text, photos, GIFs, video, music, maps, media, etc.) allow for simple and fun creation which can be shared on social channels like Edmodo, Twitter and Google+.

To help support GRA14, Tackk has created GRA templates to make creation, sharing and collaboration easy for students, teachers and classrooms. Teachers can use Tackk to create and share GRA lessons, assign student book reviews and assessments, capture photos and video during the program and interact along the way.

Get more Tackk ideas and follow GRA’s Tackk profile here:
Find out more about Tackk here:

Again, the Global Read Aloud does not tell you which tools to use, but I do like to share good ones.  I am excited to use Tackk with my 7th graders to further our global connections.


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