Support the Global Read Aloud – Limited Edition T-Shirt On Sale Now #GRA14

Are you a part of the Global Read Aloud and proud of it?  Now is your chance to snag a limited edition t-shirt specifically made to support the project.  There are only 150 shirts for sale and they are only available until July 17th.

Why should you consider buying a shirt?  Because it is a great way to show the world your GRA pride, but also because all proceeds will be used for buying books.  I, Pernille, always end up buying books for places that cannot get them and my husband has been not so happy about it.  After all, the GRA does not bring in any kind of revenue ever.  So here is your chance to support the project, get a super awesome tee, and help me stay out of trouble with Brandon.
The only catch is that we have to sell at least 50 of these for them even to be made.    
To purchase your shirt or just take a look at them, please go here.

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