Contest Closed – Happy Birthday The Fourteenth Goldfish – Win a Copy!

It is not every day you get an email from one of your favorite authors asking you if you want to give away a copy of her new book.  In fact, I don’t think it has ever happened to me before.  But Jenni Holm, author of the GRA selected book The Fourteenth Goldfish did just that since not only is she super excited about the release of the book (we have been counting down the days), but also being a Global Read Aloud author!  

She writes, 
I’m so touched that THE FOURTEENTH GOLDFISH” was chosen as a read-aloud. Part of the reason I am a writer today was because my second grade teacher read aloud to my class. To this day, when I think of THE BOXCAR CHILDREN, I think of my teacher. She sparked a lifetime love of reading in me–and a lot of other children. Reading aloud makes a difference.”

But here is the best part, she is not just giving away one copy, not even two.  She is letting me give away 15 hardcover copies and 5 audio books!  Wow!  Do indicate whether you would prefer one or the other in your entry, but know that it is not guaranteed.  The winners will be drawn randomly.

So what do you need to do to enter?  Leave a comment, with your email or other way of getting a hold of you, telling us why you joined the Global Read Aloud.  I am telling you, you will love this book for the discussions it will create and the connections you will make.  The contest ends Friday night, the 29th at 9 PM CST.

So for now happy reading and happy book birthday to you!

This contest is now closed, winners will be notified soon.


78 thoughts on “Contest Closed – Happy Birthday The Fourteenth Goldfish – Win a Copy!

  1. Thor-Ivar Eriksen says:

    This is so great. Our two classes are going to read 'The fourteenth goldfish'. I have started reading the e-book but in class we are planning on using the audio book because we are norwegians and I think the students would prefer to hear an american over a norwegian reading 🙂

    My contactinfo is @Pute68 on twitter. I am going for a trip to San Fransisco and Seattle in september 🙂

  2. Nancy Carroll says:

    I joined the GRA so my students would be a part of something bigger – a Read Aloud like no other. In the mix of it all we are able to connect with other classrooms. Nothing like discussing books with others who are reading the same! @ncarroll24

  3. Deb K. says:

    This is my second year participating in the GRA with my sixth grade class. I loved the wonderful book we read last year (Out of My Mind), the connections we made with two other classes across the country, and the discussions sparked within our class and during the author interview we watched. At the end of the year, the GRA was one of the things most mentioned by my students as something they'll always remember from 6th grade. I can't wait to start this year! (hardcover preferred)

  4. Jane Garner says:

    I joined Global Read Aloud because I believe in the power of the read aloud story. My ELL students love to listen to stories; there's no anxiety when listening to the teacher read! We have enjoyed several novels in this way, and had discussions between classes. Now, with the fabulous idea of hundreds of classrooms across the world reading the same book, the possibilities of connections are endless! Talk about POWERFUL!!!

  5. Jane says:

    I joined the GRA because I am trying to teach my students that the is a great big world out there and it is so worth being a part of it. I think hard copy please as I love reading to them. @loganberry06 is the best way to get a hold of me. Thanks to you and Jenni Holm.

  6. Dana Schultz says:

    I joined GRA because I am a media specialist trying to connect my students to the world outside of their small town. I also hope to inspire my students to become passionate lifelong readers by sharing great books with them. I would love a hard copy and look forward to reading it!.

  7. Ms. McLean's 4th grade class says:

    My class loves participating in the GRA nad they are always surprised that other students have similar reactions to the read aloud. We love sharing with other classrooms around the world, and can't wait to get started with The 14th Goldfish! My contact is @kmclean240

  8. Kari Heitman says:

    This is my first year joining in for GRA, and I am excited to help my students listen, learn, and discuss issues that affect them and their world. I hope to help them begin to understand how connected the world truly is and that they can be part of something bigger than they even imagined! I would love a hard copy to put into my library for them to read. @kariheitman

  9. Shauna says:

    I have participated in the Global Read Aloud for the past three years. I've found that adding that global connection to our read aloud is invaluable. Kids appreciate seeing others respond in different ways to a shared book. I'll be reading from the ebook to the class but I'd love a hardcover copy for our library! Email is shamman -at-

  10. Nikki Vradenburg says:

    I am participating in the Global Read Aloud for the first time this year. I am so excited to connect with other classrooms and share insights about great literature. It is important to me that my students begin collaborating with other people in new places because we are a small, rural school with only 70 students and 5 full time teachers. The more connections we can make outside of our little mountain community the more prepared my students will be to enter a bigger world.

    My email is I would love to have a hard cover copy of the book for my school library! Thanks so much!

  11. mcarter says:

    Woo Hoo! Read Aloud is my favorite part of the day. I love to share my passion for books with my students. Reading with expression and emotion draws them into the story and soon they are as hooked as I am. What an awesome tool….and what an awesome gift from the author! My 5th grade students would love to read Jennifer's book! You can reach me at

  12. Ashlie Cullom says:

    What a generous offer and how exciting!

    I joined GRA to empower students to be lifelong readers who want to connect with others and share their passion for reading.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. Kristin L says:

    I am a media specialist looking for something new to do with my elementary students. They love when I read to them, so I figured reading as part of a larger group would be interesting to the students and let them see how many other people are participating.

  14. llucero says:

    I joined Global Read Aloud this year for the very first time! I have heard so much about it, especially over the past couple years and it has been 100% positive. I have always encouraged my students to be global citizens and this will be a truly amazing and inspiring way for my students to experience exactly that! I can be found on Twitter at @MrLTeachesU

  15. Kristen Picone says:

    Last year I followed along with the GRA, but did not feel prepared to dive in! I read OOMM and shared the reading experience with my students. So many of my students wanted to read it that our Book Fair sold out! Following the Edmodo group made me realize just how much my students were missing and that by not making connections outside of our school, I was doing them an injustice. I have spent the last year learning and growing through the use of Twitter, which has provided me with global connections. This year, I am stepping out of my comfort zone to provide my students with an experience that they deserve! How amazing, especially with all that they see in the news these days, for them to see that reading can unite people around the world! I would love a hardcover copy of The Fourteenth Goldfish to add to the classroom library, as I know that it is a book that students will want to read again and again. My email is

  16. Darian says:

    I love read alouds as a way for students to access a variety of texts that may be otherwise challenging. I'm excited to get involved with GRA this fall as a way to show students the power books have to connect us, not just with the person sitting next to you, but with people who would otherwise be a stranger to you. I think it really replicates what reading is for me and that's something I want to pass on.

    I read the except of this book and am so excited to read the rest! You can reach me at @msthinkaloud and my preference is a book.


  17. Mrs. Wiley says:

    I can't wait to be part of the Global Read Aloud. I get excited discussing books and I want to share that experience wirh my students. Not only will they get to discuss ot with classmates, but with fellow readers around the world. What a great opportunity 🙂 I would love an audio book version if chosen.

  18. Mrs. Autz says:

    This will be the third year my 4th grade class will participate in GRA. Every year is better than the last! My students love the global connections and I enjoy collaborating with creative educators. Thank you Jennifer Holm for your generosity and Pernille for your time and dedication.
    We would love a hard cover copy.

  19. Andrea Hernandez says:

    I participated in #GRA13OOMM with my 5th grade class, and it was a great experience in every way. This year I let my class choose the book, and they voted for The Fourteenth Goldfish. They (and I) think it sounds like a fun book, and we can't wait to connect with other readers around the world.
    We would jump with joy if we were chosen to win a copy of the book!

  20. diane peterson says:

    This is my first time with Global Read Aloud. I love to read, share, and discover all kinds of books with my students. I love to connect with others in the world and learn from them. Global Read Aloud is both! I consider it a joy and privilege to open up worlds new to students by connecting with others through books. A hardcover copy of The Fourteenth Goldfish would be a delight to share!

  21. Mme Walker Hope says:

    Last year was our first year in GRA and two of my grade 5 teachers participated and started up a classroom blog which even led to sky ping with another school. We were excited. Baby steps for sure but enough of a dabbling that we know how we will improve how we participate this year. Can't wait to start!

  22. Jen H. says:

    I'm so excited to participate in the GRA for the first time. I joined so I could give my class the opportunity to share in the love of reading and connect with other classes to celebrate the stories and learning that we can do together. I've read a digital copy of 14th Goldfish and look forward to reading aloud with my class!

  23. Margo Sanger says:

    The Global Read Aloud is a fantastic opportunity for students to become engaged and excited about reading! They also feel a sense of community when they connect with other students reading the same book!This is my 2nd time participating and looking forward to enjoying The Fourteenth Goldfish with everyone! I just started reading it last night on my Kobo and am hooked! I would love to share a hard copy of the book to share with my students! Good Luck everyone!

  24. Katie Logonauts says:

    So cool! Would love to be entered to win a print copy. I joined the global read aloud, because our entire class year is focused around learning about the world and other cultures and what better way to learn than to make some real connections?

    I am at 1logonaut at gmail.

  25. Laurel says:

    I had many teachers who read aloud to me as a student; my favorite has to be Mr. Wyatt reading “The Princess Bride” when I was in eighth grade. This is my first year participating in GRA, but I am looking forward to making connections with other teachers and students. We live in Hawaii, and many students have not traveled beyond our islands, so it is great for them to develop a sense of the larger world out there. Also, I am excited for them to have a more authentic audience for their work and discussions, beyond our own classroom.

    After waiting patiently, I downloaded the Kindle book late Monday night and read the whole thing in two evenings. I am really looking forward to sharing it with my class.

    Thank you to Jennifer Holm for generously offering copies of her book to us! (If chosen, I prefer the hardcover version.)

  26. Cara Barnes says:

    HOw exciting – I haven't read the book yet but am already a fan of Jennifer Holm's other books, I know I'll love this own.
    I've joined GRA because I want my students to be global citizens and get to know the world around them. Plus the power of sharing ideas about what we read is immeasurable!
    Thx for being such a generous author – I'd prefer the hardbook, if chosen.

  27. E.M. says:

    This is my first year joining GRA. I had learned about this program through my amazing Teacher-Librarian, Helen W. I always wanted to connect with classes from outside of our school, so this is going to be a perfect project! I can't wait to read the book with the students and share our experience with classes from around the world!

  28. Anonymous says:

    I'm happy to be taking part in GRA this year. For the co-planning on Edmodo and Google that has already taken place and the chance to share such a wonderful book with my students, it will be a great experience.
    Now an opportunity to win this fantastic prize will be the icing on the cake.

  29. Nancy Murphy says:

    This is my first year doing the GRA and I want my students to be able to connect with other students around the world. This will also be our first year that our county has allowed us to Skype. It took over a year to convince them! I have started reading the ebook, I have ordered a hard copy for my classroom and I am trying to get some other teachers involved. I will accept either form of the book. I co-teach and have special ed students in the classroom. My email is

  30. Janine Riggins says:

    I am SO excited to have a fun, fresh read aloud to share with my 6th graders this fall–I just can't wait to get started!! This is my 25th year of teaching in an urban setting, but only my 2nd year with 6th graders (and my first foray into GRA!). We are a state monitored school because of low test scores and my focus is ELA (English Language Arts). Many of my students are English Language Learners and reading/writing can be challenging. I have so much fun sharing my love of reading AND writing with them and I hope that The Fourteenth Goldfish will “hook them” into loving ELA all year long!! My email is

  31. Kathleen Phelan says:

    This is my third year with GRA and I am so excited! The One and Only Ivan and Wonder connected deeply with these books and it sparked intense and meaningful conversation. I can't wait to dig in to The Fourteenth Goldfish and see how it brings our classroom community together again.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Mrs. Tremaine's grade 5 class has once again joined the Global Read Aloud because it is a fantastic learning experience. We love connecting, discussing, and blogging with students from all over the world. We can't forget to mention that the book chosen is ALWAYS an excellent read with many life lessons to talk about. 🙂

    You can contact me at
    Thank you.

  33. yearn to learn says:

    Participation in GRA for my diverse class of learners is important to support their understanding of how reading plays a part in their lives and how it transcends oceans and nations to link all students and people. Your book is glorious for interactive read aloud enabling me to think aloud and support students in engaging in the read by talking, stopping and jotting or drawing, acting out parts, or sketching what they visualize. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

  34. Derek Armstrong says:

    his is my first year participating in the Global Read Aloud Challenge. My class is excited by the opportunity to connect with students from another country and to see how their thoughts and perspectives may vary from their own. They love to talk through their ideas and participate in discussions and Global Read Aloud is perfect for this.
    No preference for book but being in Australia auido might be easier.

  35. turbobks says:

    The kindergarten teacher and I participated in the Eric Carle GRA last year with our students. We had a blast. We enjoyed seeing students' work from around the world and shared ours too. It was fun to receive feedback from Australia! This year we will be taking part in the Reynolds GRA. I also plan on getting _The Fourteenth Goldfish_ going with our grade 3 and old students. Would love the audio.

  36. Collette Applewhaite says:

    This is my first year in the GRA and I've joined because I want to get my students excited about reading. I'll have a remedial class this year and I think the read aloud along with the use of technology and reaching out to other readers beyond just little Barbados will be encouraging for the students and help encourage not only their enthusiasm for reading but aid in the development of their speaking and listening skills and writing as well.

    Hard copy please.

  37. Kim Busch says:

    So excited to participate in the GRA for the first time and read The Fourteenth Goldfish! My 6th graders have marked their calendars and are counting down the days until we begin 🙂
    Thank you so much for this wonderful collaboration and learning opportunity!
    Kim Busch
    Lakeshore Middle School

  38. Anonymous says:

    I'm a third grade teacher in Duxbury, Massachusetts (USA), and this will be my first year participating in the Global Read Aloud. I have always LOVED reading aloud to my students and hearing them say, “Nooo, don't stop reading!” when it's time to do other things. I've read a few pages of The Fourteenth Goldfish and loved it. With all the violence that is going on in the world right now, wouldn't it be great if we could change that by making connections through books? What a concept!

  39. Sheri says:

    I am new to the GRA this year…I am hoping to see if this will work either in the Media Center or with a teacher. I would love to win a hardback copy. If any media specialists that have participated before have any suggestions, please feel free to email me at spruitt at gcbe dot org. Thanks!

  40. Anonymous says:

    This is my second year to GRA. I am hoping to win this book to give away in my classroom economy at our monthly auction!! This would be a big sell in my classroom 🙂 I am excited to read this book aloud to my class, since I haven't read it yet – we get to discover the book together!!

  41. Paula Naugle says:

    Wow this is exciting! I am entering and hoping to win a hardcover copy of The Fourteenth Goldfish. If I'm lucky, I can be contacted at

    This is the book I've selected to read aloud with my fourth graders as a first time participant in the GRA. My students and I can't wait to read this book.

    Thank you Pernille and Jennifer.

  42. Ms. Melamed says:

    I spent the hours after work reading this wonderful book and loved every minute. As a librarian for K-5 I am thrilled to find a book that I believe will resonate with girls and boys, allow for meaningful discussion as well as laughs, characters to love and truths to delve into. This story combines humor and poignant moments with the passion of scientific inquiry and girls! I cannot wait to share it with students and hopefully help them connect to others across the World also reading it. It is a beautiful way to show students how a good story can bridge differences, bring us together and allow for real thoughtful airing of ideas. Thanks you Ms.Holm! I hope a sequel is coming as I would love to get back into the lives of these quirky and yet very real enjoyable characters.

  43. Laurel T Parker says:

    As a Children's Librarian in a public Library I try to know what folks are doing in the schools. My grandson was in a third grade class the year The One and Only Ivan was part of the Global Read Aloud. I was hooked and have followed it ever since. Thanks for such a great program.

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