The 1 Month Countdown Has Begun for #GRA14

The countdown has begun, this year’s Global Read Aloud will start October 6th where you should start reading aloud!  The project wraps up November 14th.

For a week by week breakdown or which Peter H. Reynolds books to read when, please click here 

If you are still looking for a connection, you can fill out this spreadsheet or find someone to connect with 

You can share ideas, find people to connect with, and ask questions in the Edmodo Groups 
On Sunday, September 21st, I will join #4thchat on Twitter at 7 PM CST to discuss all things GRA.  And the following Sunday, September 28th we will have our very own twitter chat using our hashtag #GRA14 at 8 PM CST.  This chat will be an easy way for you to ask any questions or share ideas as we get ready.   

As of this morning more than 4,100 facilitators in more than 30 different countries are participating, which translates roughly to 244,000 students.  That’s 100,000 more than last year – wow, wow, wow.  We have students from K through college doing it!

If you want to support the project and show your participation, please consider buying merchandise  I have the tote bag and have been impressed with the durability.
Also, did you know Peter H. Reynolds has a bookstore called The Blue Bunny.  You can order signed books from them and he said to mention you are a GRA14 friend if you do order.
And finally, thank you.  This project started as an idea in 2010 with 600 students the first year reading around the world.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed that so many incredible people would support it, love it, and be a part of it.  If you are ever in my neighborhood, whether it be Oregon Middle School where I teach or around Madison, let me know.  
Please let me know if you have any questions!

One thought on “The 1 Month Countdown Has Begun for #GRA14

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm sorry to report that British Columbia, Canada public school teachers have been on strike since mid-June and are not able to participate in the Global Read Aloud this year as we still have not returned to our classrooms. Teachers are taking a stand on class composition and quality public education. We hope to return to our students soon.

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