The Edmodo Groups Are Open for Teachers for Global Read Aloud 2015 #GRA15

Every year, I have used Edmodo groups for teachers to share ideas, make connections, and post any random questions they may have pertaining to the book they are doing for the Global Read Aloud.  Edmodo has worked well for many teachers as a way to communicate with others and to find inspiration.  While you do not have to join the Edmodo group to be a part of Global Read Aloud, or use it with your students, many have found it as an easy way to be connected and to connect with others.

To Join Edmodo if you do not already have an account:

Follow these three simple steps to create a Teacher Account:

  1. Go to  The “Teachers” button will already be selected by default.
  2. Fill out the registration form and select the “Sign Up” button to complete the sign up process.
  3. Check your e-mail for a confirmation to view the next steps for setting up your Edmodo Account.

To join the Edmodo GRA groups when you have an account, please click the link for the group you need:

Edmodo Group for Author Study of Amy Krouse Rosenthal –

Edmodo Group for The Year of Billy Miller –

Edmodo group for Fish In A Tree –

Edmodo Group for Fish –

Edmodo Group for Yaqui Delgado –

I personally use Edmodo as a way to find people to connect with, it is a lot more manageable than sending out tweets.  Let me know if you have any questions.


9 thoughts on “The Edmodo Groups Are Open for Teachers for Global Read Aloud 2015 #GRA15

  1. Jillian Hicks says:

    I am excited to have my class participate in this year’s Global Read Aloud initiative . I am wanting to share the book entitled Fish in a Tree. My question is how do I get a copy of this book to read to my class?

  2. Rina says:

    I got mine at Half Price Books, but I’ve had great luck using Amazon for book purchases in the past. Read the book recently and loved it. This will no doubt spur lots of classroom conversation!

  3. Jenna Skoglund says:

    I signed up for global read aloud with a different email address than is connected to my Edmodo account — will I still be accepted to the group?

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