Welcome Sway As a Tool for #GRA15


I was rather excited when I spoke to the awesome team behind Sway at ISTE 2015 and the possibility of creating our very own group for Global Read Aloud in their community since I know many schools in the project are using a Microsoft platform.  Well, the time has come to reveal the group and I could not be more pleased.

Welcome 2015 Global Read Aloud Participants!

The Sway team at Microsoft invites you to create a Sway to share your Global Read Aloud experience.

Sway is a new app from Microsoft that allows you to easily create and share interactive presentations, personal stories, book reports, and more. You can easily share a sway with friends, other students, your parents, anyone really – just send them the link!

This could be a review of the book (predictions, connections, theme analysis), your experience connecting with other readers, how the book has inspired you to create, or anything else you want to share about your experience.

Sway makes it easy to create a beautiful interactive experience. 

To learn more about how to use Sway to share your experience go here.


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