Global Random Acts of Kindness Week #GRA15


When Amy Krouse Rosenthal and I spoke this summer, she asked if she could help dream up events for the project, and as anyone would probably do, I enthusiastically replied, “Yes!”  So behold: the first idea she created.  Thank you Amy for making this world a better place for all of us.

Join us the week of October 26th – October 30th for GLOBAL RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS

What do you get when you put together Global Read Aloud and Random Acts of Kindness? Global Random Acts of Kindness!  For one week, the #GRA15 community all across the globe will set out to brighten someone else’s day, be it classmates, teachers, family, or complete strangers.

Check out Amy’s videos for some inspiration:

The Beckoning of Lovely

Kindness Thought Bubble

The POETree

Pay it Flowered

Positive Pranking

What kindness will you spread?  Please use the hashtag #GRAK15 to share your ideas and acts!


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