Join Us For the Final Google Hangout With Lynda Mullaly Hunt #GRA15 #GRAFIAT

I cannot believe that the GRA is coming to a close for the year.  What an amazing event it has been.  Lynda Mullaly Hunt, the author of Fish In A Tree, has graciously agreed to do a culminating Google Hangout with us Wednesday, November 18th at 8:45 AM CST.   Fear not, the whole thing will be videotaped and accessible once it is over.

View it here or on the link here

However, I need your help.  What questions do you have for Lynda?  What would you like to know?  Please submit your questions on this form and then tune in to see if they get answered.

Don’t forget that Lynda has been so busy making videos for us, please see all of her videos on her blog.


8 thoughts on “Join Us For the Final Google Hangout With Lynda Mullaly Hunt #GRA15 #GRAFIAT

  1. mary Adams says:

    In Chapter 47, Mr. Daniels gives the student some homework to try to break the code of letters. Can we find out the correct answer please?

  2. Louise Wheeliker says:

    Agree – is there a real answer for that? my kids would love to know – as would I!! We have enjoyed this book immensely!!!!!!!! we have told everyone that would listen!!

  3. Rachel Wagner says:

    My class is wondering if the “C. Connors” authorship on the poster in Mrs. Slick’s office was indeed an intentional reference to One for the Murphy’s character Carly Connors. 🙂 We would love Lynda to answer that question during the Google Hangout. Thanks! Mrs. Wagner’s 5/6 class in Rolling Meadows, IL

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