Glow Ball Read Dahl Loud November 13th #GRA15


I can’t believe the last week of the Global Read Aloud is upon us.  What an incredible adventure it has been yet again.  When Amy Krouse Rosenthal and I spoke this summer, she asked if she could help dream up events for you and as anyone would probably do, I enthusiastically replied, “Yes!”

Therefore, for us to celebrate the final day of the Global Read Aloud, November 13th, I invite you to participate in the Glow Ball Read Dahl Loud!

How do you participate?

GLOW = if possible, get some colorful glow sticks

BALL = get dressed up like you’re going to a fancy ball

READ = you know how to do that!

DAHL = find your favorite Roald Dahl poem

LOUD = now read it as LOUD as you can!!

So join us on November 13th as we culminate our read aloud with a massive celebration of the beauty of reading aloud.

P.S: When you say “Glow Ball Read Dahl Loud” out loud, what does it sound like?  🙂

P.P.S: You can listen to Amy’s favorite rendition of the song Pure Imagination here.


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