Time to Vote for Middle School Choice for Global Read Aloud 2016 #GRA16

I am intentionally dragging my feet with the voting process this year because the amazing books just keep coming.  It is so hard to stop reading and not think of how incredible a conversation might be around a certain book, and yet, time ticks and at some point, the final books need to be chosen.

The group of books for this year’s middle school aged kids, or whomever else that would like to read them, is a particular beautiful one.  From the searingly beautiful Orbiting Jupiter to the riveting page turner read of Night Vision.  From the poetic struggle to finding oneself in House Arrest to the frightening what if tale of The Nest. To the tale of wondrous redemption in The Seventh Most Important Thing or one girl’s search for the truth behind a senseless tragedy in The Thing about Jellyfish,  this year’s contenders are all must-reads and must-adds.  I am glad I have all of you to help me, so while my heart tugs in one direction I cannot wait to see what the vote says.

Whatever book you love, now is the time to let your voice be heard and that of your students. Cast your vote and let us see which book will transport us and connect us this year starting October 3rd.

Voting will be open until April 8th, 2016. Good luck to the amazing books and happy reading.


12 thoughts on “Time to Vote for Middle School Choice for Global Read Aloud 2016 #GRA16

  1. Schwerman, Shawn says:

    I wasn’t sure how to vote…there is a case study form, but no voting form on page.

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  2. Aimee Pischea says:

    Wow, is it just me or are all of these fairly dark? Thinking of my 2016 7th graders who are really still in 6th grade in some ways, I’m struggling a bit with the subject matter of some.

  3. Warren Smart says:

    By middle school you mean children of roughly what ages, as I see there is an upper middle school as well. Thanks

    • Chaelebel says:

      Night Vision is not North American – it is set in a small place called New Zealand – It is an awesome tale that opens students eyes to everything from Offical cash rates, the world of Sheep Farming, classical music and medical dramas & even a few adentures!

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