GRA Gives Back – Meet Ricardo #gra16

With the news that over $2,000 worth of books have been purchased so far for the community center El Buen Samaritano we are so grateful for the Global read Aloud.  From penny drives to business days, we love what so many kids are doing to support this community center and truly make a difference in the lives of these 60 kids.

Every week, we will feature one of the children that the GRA Gives Back campaign is trying to help with its partnership with Palms & Souls.  We hope that these stories will show you the very real impact that our project can have for these children in Guatemala.  If you missed the partnership announcement or need ideas for how you can help, please see this post. 

Hi, my name is Marlon Ricardo López.

Age: 10 years

Grade: 4th

What I like most about school: Free time to play with my friends!

Favorite books: Histories and legends

Future Job: Architect

Favorite pastime: Soccer

What I like most of the El Buen Samaritano: Reading legends with the volunteers.

Ricardo and his family


Ricardo’s family all live together in this room.


The alley that connects Ricardo’s family’s room to other families’ rooms.


Ricardo’s whole family shares a one-bedroom apartment. They sleep together on the two beds and cook on a camp stove in the corner of the room. Ricardo’s youngest brother has lung problems which are irritated by the smoke from their stove. We asked Ricardo’s parents about their hopes and dreams for their children, and they both responded “We want opportunities for them to continue their education and go to University. If they don’t, they will probably have the same life as they do now.”

Ricardo loves to learn and is hoping for books about history or myths. He and his brothers also love soccer and would enjoy reading about sports. By purchasing books you are helping Ricardo’s parents give these kids a chance at a different life. He is so lucky to have a supportive mother and father at home; many kids don’t. Thank you so much for believing in Ricardo and participating in this book drive!  


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