GRA17 Welcomes Back Write About!


Connecting your readers with authentic writing opportunities is an important part of the Global Read Aloud experience. I’m thrilled to announce that Write About is generously returning to sponsor student writing for each of your classrooms!

Why: Engaged students write MORE…about the books and beyond!

What: A GRA Classroom upgrade coupon for unlimited writing on the NEW Write About ($49.95)!


  1. Register for an account or Sign In on Write About
  2. Complete the GRA Upgrade form to access the coupon code and instructions for completing the upgrade. (for both new AND returning users)
  3. Get your class writing! Start in September for daily writing and use the GRA on Write About Guide to make the most out of the GRA communities during the project.

Thousands of veteran GRA classrooms have used Write About because:

  • Wonderful writing Ideas are included that go along with the books -OR- teachers create their own to spark a range of literature responses
  • Students can publish, read and comment within your own Class -AND- safely connect with other students.

If you haven’t signed in to the NEW Write About yet, I think you are going to be blown away. It is SUPER easy for teachers to set up and really engaging for student writers!

Having a single directory to find Classrooms Who Write and simply being able to click a FOLLOW button to connect your students for GRA is really a game changer.

PS: If your class will benefit (or has in the past) from free Write About access through the partnership and you’d like to support them…. Please share 1 social media post next month by clicking the Writing…Relaunched campaign to get the word out.



3 thoughts on “GRA17 Welcomes Back Write About!

  1. Melinda says:

    Do you have writing assignments for these novels: Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry, Wrinkle in Time, and Watson’s go to Birmingham?

  2. Mignon De Leeuw says:

    Please remove me from your emailing list as I have retired. I was unsuccessful at unsubscribing using your link.

    Mignon de Leeuw Gr. 5 Pacific Heights Elementary


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