Win a Copy of Amal Unbound – Middle-Grade Choice for Global Read Aloud 2018 #GRA18 #GRAAmal

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I know some people thought I was crazy for picking a book that had not even been released yet as the choice for Global Read aloud middle-grade, and yet, when I first read Amal Unbound I was captivated by its story, by the look at Pakistan that I had not seen before.  After I read the book, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  How I could help my students discover the book?  How I could help the world discover the book?  The book stuck with me and the idea of selecting it for GRA stuck with me as well.

Now, in honor of its publication on May 8th, I am so excited to see what everyone else thinks.  Hopefully, you will love the book as much as I have.  So in order to celebrate its imminent release, I have five copies of the book to give away!  This contest is open to the world and all you have to do is fill the form out below.  Five random winners will be selected on May 8th – the day the book comes out, please enter only once.

Please fill in this form and happy reading!


20 thoughts on “Win a Copy of Amal Unbound – Middle-Grade Choice for Global Read Aloud 2018 #GRA18 #GRAAmal

  1. Tiffany Chalk says:

    I cannot wait to read this and start brainstorming all the integration I can use with the read aloud in my classroom! Flipgrid will be used SO much for this one with my middle schoolers!

  2. Deborah Kubiak says:

    Although the oldest grade we have at our school is third, we do share ideas and differing points of view with our readers. We want to support them in understanding and appreciating others…

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