Write About and Global Read Aloud 2018 #GRA18

Write About GRA.png
Authentic writing opportunities are an important part of the Global Read Aloud experience, which is why Write About is proud to offer 4 months of unlimited writing exclusively to GRA classrooms– a $60 sponsorship!

Easy Steps to Participate:

1. Submit your Write About upgrade form to get the coupon code.

2. Sign In on Write About to Upgrade with the coupon code.

3. Get your students writing!



Write About is sponsoring GRA teachers and students with access to a Classroom Monthly upgrade ($15/mo) from September – December 2018. This is available to the first 1,000 teachers who sign up before October 1st. After the project, teachers can downgrade their account to Free if they do not wish to continue Write About with their students. Otherwise, a $15/mo membership will automatically renew.

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