2021 Global Read Aloud Shared Resource Document #GRA21

Introducing this year’s shared resource document for ALL BOOKS – use this to share any resources you have found or created for the book(s) you are doing. If you want to change permissions on it, you need to make your own copy.

Go to the book tab you are doing and look at the resources already shared, feel free to also add anything you have you want to share whether it is ideas, slowchat information, postcard sign ups etc. Hopefully this will be an easier way for people to share rather than ideas getting lost on Facebook.

New this year is a place to search for connections as well, please add in your information if you would like others to connect with you and don’t feel like posting on Facebook. Each book has its own Google doc for this which is where you can post connections wanted, the document can be found within the shared resource document under each unique tab.

You can also keep posting connections wanted on Facebook but in case you don’t use it or find that confusing, I hope these resources will make your life easier.

I cannot wait for another year of Global Read Aloud! Which book will you be reading?


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