Hashtags for Global Read Aloud 2015 #gra15

Twitter is the home of the Twitter slow-chat for the books, as well as the hub for a lot of sharing out.  The official hashtag for the Global Read Aloud is #GRA15, however, each book also has its own hashtag:

Amy Krouse Rosenthal: #GRAAmy

The Year Of Billy Miller:  #GRABilly

Fish In a Tree:  #GRAFIAT

Fish:  #GRAFish

Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass:  #GRAYaqui

The authors of the books can also be connected with through Twitter and will sometimes even tweet back!

Amy Krouse Rosenthal is @MissAmyKR

Lynda Mullaly Hunt: @Lynmullalyhunt

L.S. Matthews (Whose name is really Laura Dron):  @Lauradron

Meg Medina: @Meg_Medina

What is a slowchat?  It is when a class posts questions for other students to answer and they post them throughout a week, you can therefore tweet them back at any time during the week rather than during a set time.  I will post slowchat sign ups later this summer.


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