Weekly Breakdown For the Books #GRA15

It is time to determine what we read every week for the Global Read Aloud.  Please see the weekly chapter breakdown below for each selected book.

The Year of Billy Miller

Week 1:  Part One – Teacher; Chapter 1 – 4

Week 2: Teacher; Chapter 5 – Father; Chapter 3

Week 3:  Father; 4 – Sister; 2

Week 4:  Sister; 3 – Sister, 5

Week 5: Mother; 1 – Mother; 3

Week 6:  Mother; 4 – End

Fish in a Tree

Week 1:  Chapter 1 – 8

Week 2: Chapter 9 – 17

Week 3: Chapter 18 – 24

Week 4: Chapter 25 – 33

Week 5: Chapter 34 – 42

Week 6: Chapter 43 – end


Week 1:  Chapter 1 and 2

Week 2: Chapter 3 and 4

Week 3: Chapter 5 and 6

Week 4: Chapter 7

Week 5: Chapter 8

Week 6: Chapter 9-10

Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass

Week 1: Chapter 1 – 6

Week 2: Chapter 7 – 12

Week 3:  Chapter: 13 – 18

Week 4:  Chapter 19 – 24

Week 5: Chapter 25 – 31

Week 6:  Chapter 32 – End

Amy Krouse Rosenthal Author Study:

Week 1:  We start with Chopsticks

Week 2:  Week 2 is all about Duck! Rabbit!

Week 3:  Then on to It’s Not Fair!

Week 4:  Week 4 will focus on the trials of being an Exclamation Mark

Week 5:  I love that we end week 5 with The OK Book

Week 6:  Your choice!


26 thoughts on “Weekly Breakdown For the Books #GRA15

  1. McCullough, Angela says:

    I’m doing the author study. Will there be a breakdown for this unit? I have never had a classroom on twitter but was considering this outlet for sharing. Or would I use the account for GRA to share?

    Angela McCullough
    2nd grade
    Fern Hill Elementary
    West Chester Area School District

  2. cfchennault says:

    Hi…Is it necessary for the book to be read aloud, or is it just important to do the reading during the week? I want to do this but finding time to read aloud will be difficult

  3. amy says:

    I was thinking about doing this as an after school “book club” for 3rd-4th graders. Do you think that would work if I read aloud and then gave them time to comment on what we’ve read one day each week?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I plan to participate in the Billy Miller Global Read Aloud on October 5. Are there certain times of the day that we need meet to discuss on Twitter? What should be read to my class by that date? Would you clarify what should be done by October 5th please? I’m new to Global Read Aloud and Twitter.

    • Pernille Ripp says:

      Nothing should be done by the 5th because it doesn’t kick off until then. The Twitter chats are all throughout the week so you just read the chapters assigned for the week and jump in when it fits by searching for the hashtag for the slowchat for the week – #grabilly1, #grabikky2 and so on depending on the week we are in,

  5. S says:

    This looks GREAT and I’ve love to participate, BUT we have already started a RA, which we are halfway through, and I’m in a bit of tech overload right now. I am wondering if you will have another opportunity in the year?
    BTW – love the Fish in a Tree blurb though – so might do it after we finish the current book anyway, even if it’s too late for this project!

  6. Blake Wright says:

    IS it possible to join and start on say… October 19th? Or is it too late? Will it be possible to find someone to connect with this late? I have a first grade class. If so, What book should we read

  7. mrsmathieson says:

    Hello! I have just heard about your AMAZING group! I joined but am so late! I’m afraid I won’t be able to start until the first week of November 😜 as I need to get the books and such! Is there anyone else starting out this late? Please feel free to contact me so we can connect! 😊 Next year I’ll be sure to start on time!

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