The Official Global Read Aloud Map 2015 #GRA15

I finally found a way to create a map of all of the participants and the many different countries and states that are represented in the Global Read Aloud this year.  I did not do actual towns or schools, so this is only one marker per state or country, otherwise there would be about 9,000 different markers on here.  But still, just look at this!

PS:  This map is locked, sorry, but that way it will not be deleted again.


19 thoughts on “The Official Global Read Aloud Map 2015 #GRA15

  1. Penney, Jeanne says:

    ?Good Morning,

    The children andi were looking at the map yesterday and we noticed that we were not on the map. There is only one pin in SD. Did you just do one pin per smaller state? Just wondering. We are from DeSmet Sd. Our partners are in Illinois. We have really enjoying the Billy Miller book. Thanks

    Jeanne Penney 1st grade teacher DeSmet School District ________________________________

  2. bellylaughday says:

    Thanks so much, Pernille. I am working with students to plot our own map, so the students feel the impact of “global”. By chance do you have a list of the countries and states within the countries? I can go through the map and make a list.

    • bellylaughday says:

      Pernille, No need for the list of countries, states and provinces. I zoomed in on each part of the continents. Clicked print map as an image. Then I was able to save the images to print and use as our map guide. Congratulations, every state in the USA is participating. Most provinces in Canada. Every continent except Antarctica.

  3. Lynn Beaton says:

    Hi we are in Tara, Ontario. There is a pin for Toronto and Hamilton, not just one for Ontario, so it looks like we are not participating.

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