Ask Kevin Henkes #GRABilly #GRA15

Imagine receiving the following email:

Kevin is so impressed with GRA15 and would love to get involved.

He’s on the final leg of his tour this week and unavailable, but he would be able to answer questions from teachers and students next week. He is not on social media or email, as you know, but might you or someone else involved with GRA put a call out for questions this week that Kevin will answer and then he can answer 5 (or so) of them the week of 10/26


So between now and this Friday, October 16th, I will be collecting possible questions for Kevin and then send them to him.  So this is your chance to have your students ask their most burning question about him or The Year of Billy Miller.  Do check and make sure he has not already answered your question on his blog, that will make my choosing the 5 he will answer a little bit easier.


3 thoughts on “Ask Kevin Henkes #GRABilly #GRA15

  1. Mrs. Schroeder's 2nd Grade Class says:

    Our class has a few question we would like to ask Kevin Henkes:

    1. What inspired you to create the book “The Year of Billy Miller”?
    2. How did you come up with the name “Emster” for Emma? That is an unusual nickname for someone.
    3. We are all 2nd graders and want to know if you were really interested in writing as a 2nd grader? Did you consider yourself an author at a young age?
    4. What made you think about setting the scenes at school and at home?

    Hope you consider our questions.
    Room 5

  2. Faint, Susan says:

    Questions from Second Graders at St. Paul’s School (near Baltimore, MD)

    1. I wonder where Mr. Henkes got his ideas for the characters in Billy Miller.

    2. I wonder how he comes up with the titles for his books.

    3. Where did the idea for the Drop Sisters come from? Why are they important? Will they be in more of your books?

    4. How do you feel about being chosen for the Global Read Aloud?

    5. Why did Billy Miller start off the way it did? Billy Miller in between giant’s feet, fall and big lump.

    6. Who/What is your inspiration for writing? Authors? Books?

    7. Where did the idea for Billy Miller come from?

    8. Do you write adult books?

    9. What’s the latest you’ve stayed up writing books?

    10. How old are you?

    Thank you!
    Susan Faint
    St. Paul’s School
    Second Grade Teacher

    Seek Truth, Knowledge and Excellence; Live By Faith, Compassion and Integrity.

  3. Kieran O'Mara says:

    Our second graders are eagerly awaiting responses from Kevin Henkes. Due to various school functions, we missed the deadline for submitting our own questions, but can’t wait to see what he has to say!

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