Official Global Read Aloud 2016 Map #GRA16

Because locations were deleted I have now locked the official map and added ONE marker per state or country that is participating.  That means that these markers are not for individual sites , but instead just for geographical location.

Map for specific groups:

For Lauren Castillo:

For The BFG:

For Pax:   Ts tell us where you are from! Map for us to show Ss where kids are reading



12 thoughts on “Official Global Read Aloud 2016 Map #GRA16

  1. Lisa Gatewood says:

    I’m sorry, Pernille. I must be “slow,” but I am hitting the title and I don’t see “add marker.” Is there another step in there that I am missing? I apologize!



      • Michelle says:

        Same problem, I click on the view larger map and there is no option to add a pin. It is a view only screen. I can see other people’s pins, but nowhere can I add a pin no matter what I click on. However, If I click on the corner then with the three dots, I can copy the map and then add a pin, but if I go back to the main page it doesn’t stay there- because it is a copy and not the real page. So, I am not sure what is going on… 🙂

  2. Stephens, Lori says:

    I am having difficulties with the Google Map.

    I was able to add to Lauren Castillio but BFG does not offer me the opportunity to add a location and Pax says that we have reached the maximum number of points allowed.


    Lori Stephens

    Lori Stephens Davenport Community Schools Walcott Schools TAG Facilitator 545 East James Street Walcott, IA 52773 Phone 563-445-5200, extension 100 Fax 563-284-5081 ________________________________

  3. Shelly Gaucher-Hauta says:

    Sorry could not find any “add marker” when I hit the BFG title. I’m at Stevenson-Britannia Elementary School in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

  4. Lisa Olson says:

    The only way I can get my school on the map is to click on “copy map” and then add myself. Unfortunately then it is in my drive and not shared on the main map. Any help anyone?

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